Salone del Mobile 2016 Report

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Do you spend countless hours surfing on the internet to get the big picture on what exactly happened this year at the Salone del Mobile 2016?

Or you might have visited the event in Milan but did not have the time to cover all design districts and the fairground?

You might even had the chance to see quite a bit but feel kind of overwhelmed with all the information and would love to have it all bundled?

If you are a direct producer or work in the retail field, or you are trained as an interior designer, architect, creative professional or interior blogger, looking for a survival kit in the jungle of information overload, then this comprehensive guide breaking it down - curated and commented by trend expert Gudy Herder - might be just right for you!

With this Trade Show Report you'll get easy access to the most relevant information on the "Salone del Mobile Milano" and "Milan Design Week 2016" at a glance. 

On 150 pages Eclectic Trends presents: 

1. TOP DESIGNER PROJECTS (launching new collections)

2. FUN PROJECTS (how boring would the world largest design show be without a little humor?)

3. INNOVATIVE PROJECTS (yes, 3D print techniques are a part, but that's not all)

4. MICRO TRENDS (of which two will become a Macro Trend)

5. COLORS SCHEMES (individual colors and color combos)

6. FAVORITE FIND (after having walked more than 60km during 5 days, it's not been easy to decide on a final pick, but we firmly believe THIS is the one)

Feel more self confident of what is going to be important and trending in the Interior Design World with this in-depth report and get yourself ready for your next product development, client pitch or interior project by following us in this fun read. 

This 150 pages report is designed as a workbook which helps you to plan upcoming projects. Have fun!

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Salone del Mobile 2016 Report

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